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Why we need food supplements

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Did you you know that even when we want to follow a healthy diet, our food just don’t have the same amount of nutrients it used to have say 40 years ago?



What Is CaliVita All About?

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Network Marketing and Pension

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The film deals with the interesting question of retirement in 3-5 years with adequate and inheritable cash flow coming from investments versus retirement after 40 years of work and living a substandard life on uncertain means. Which investment suits you best, and is Network Marketing a real and viable substitute?

Top-quality food supplements

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Top-quality food supplements

No cure-alls but unique solutions

We have been offering innovative products and meeting the highest standards of quality for more than 20 years. In our range of more than 100 high-quality products, we offer products containingunique herbal complexes in addition to the general vitamins and minerals.

Tradition and innovation

During the continuous development of our products, we have always relied on the latest research in the fields of science and technology.

In the course of manufacturing dietary supplements, whenever it is technologically possible, we always use natural raw materials; our other goal is to apply and to utilize active plant ingredients fromorganic farms as often as possible.

Besides the innovations based on the latest scientific results, we use herbs that have been proven to be effective in traditional medicine for centuries.

Advanced formulas

Over the course of product development, we pay special attention and strive to use organic materials, due to their better absorption. Our products are formulated to exert a synergic (mutually strengthening) effect inside the body.

A number of our vitamins and multivitamins apply what we call a delayed release technology, in that these products provide the body with a continuous dose of the correct vitamins and minerals.

Our product range contains additional, liquid dietary supplements, which are easy and convenient for those for whom tablets or capsules are not an appropriate solution.

During product development, we monitor the recommended dosage changes of certain vitamins and minerals, and we adhere to the results by downsizing the capsules and tablets.

Wide product range

Choose from weight loss, digestive, detoxification, immune system support, memory and mood enhancers, cardiovascular support, joint and bone strengtheners, beauty preservatives, and products for both men and women’s health, and begin to live an enhanced quality of life today!

Check our product catalogue or visit the webshop:


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Sponsor ID:  3814324852

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